Have an e-commerce business or want to start one? Guide - The Best Way to Grow E-commerce Business in 2021.

Starting an e-commerce business is hard, but don't get us wrong - we got the right tools and knowledge to get you started right away. In this article, we lay out the best tips and secrets scale your business.

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There is a lot of information online on how to run an e-commerce business but most of the tips suck.

They are outdated or just don't work.

When there are so many tips how do you know which one is the best?

We have prepared a short, but super-useful guide for you on the best way to grow e-commerce business in 2021.

What E-commerce platform to use?


There are many popular platforms out there, but many of them are hard to use.

It depends on your business size and business goals, but if you are just starting out or you are a small/medium business, go with Shopify.

Shopify is the best and easiest to use platform for e-commerce right now.

Why Shopify:

If you choose other popular platforms like WordPress, Magento or open cart, you will automatically need a developer.

With Shopify, it’s simple enough to understand everything by yourself.


If you don’t want to spend your time developing an e-commerce store and want to hire someone to do e-commerce for you, make sure they are working with Shopify.

Later if you will need to switch agency/freelancer, it will be easier to find quality specialists to make changes.

I have a Shopify store running. How do I make sales?

You have to bring customers(traffic).

There are many suggested options for driving traffic online.

So many different strategies but most of them are lame, slow or don't work at all.

1st step:

Start with understanding your customers.

Who is he/she? How do they think? What motivates them to take action and buy?

After you understand your customer, you will know why they buy your product.

2nd step:

If you know why your customers buy your product, you will know what type of photos/videos should work.

Generate 5 - 10 image/video ad ideas and make a plan on how to make them.

3rd step:

When you make good looking photo and video ads, run some tests on Facebook to find a winning creative.

4th step:

When you find a working creative - congratulations, it’s a huge step.

When you are able to drive quality traffic to your website for cheap, you start making money.

It’s the first and most important step in your e-commerce business - driving traffic.

Without traffic, you will not have any business, because there will be no people coming to your website.

I get traffic to my Shopify store, but no sales.

What is your Shopify store’s conversion rate?

1-2%? That’s low.

When you are starting to get some traffic, you need to optimize your website a lot.

Product page especially.

Every day you should test something with the goal to increase the conversion rate.

Answer those questions to increase conversion rate:

When a customer clicks on the ad and comes to your website, is he getting quality information to stay and not leave?

Does your shop load fast? Under 2-3 sec?

Does your shop design look trustworthy not to leave?

Does your product photos look sexy enough to keep the attention and stand out?

Does your product description click with the customer enough to make him interested to buy?

Is your offer strong enough, no-brainer not to buy?

Is it easy for customers to add to the cart and buy?

Answer those, make changes and you will see a dramatic increase in your conversion rate and sales.

Making sales but I need to make more profit

Make sure that your AOV (average order value) is high. You should aim to $60-$80.

If you don’t have high AOV, you won’t be able to scale and be profitable.

This step is crucial if you want to have a successful e-commerce business.

If you want to increase AOV, think, what can you offer to your customer that would be beneficial for him and he would pay more money?

Maybe you can add something extra, free?

Every product is different, but giving more value you will be able to let you ask for more money.

Best way to increase AOV - product bundles.

Make 3 product bundle options:

1 bundle - low tier (*$19)

2 bundle - best value (*$69)

3 bundle - premium (*$129)

*Prices for example

I have a winning creative, high converting product page with a great offer. What’s next?

If you have those 3 things, you are all set to make a lot of money with your e-commerce project.

This is the formula. And it’s simple.

Driving quality traffic for cheap -> land to high converting product page -> convert the visitor into customer -> repeat

When you have this system running, optimize for LTV (lifetime value).

If a person buys from you once, and your product is good, he will buy again, just offer him.

Run email campaigns, run retargeting ads and always think about how can you sell something more to your existing customers. It’s easier to sell for them when they have already bought. Just think what offer can you create for them that would make sense to order again or order a different product.

We gave you all the tips, now you just have to execute

We made this guide as short and informative as possible.

This guide is made to help you to understand how to think and make decisions when doing e-commerce.

Too many e-com owners/agencies/freelancers waste time on useless stuff.

E-commerce is not that hard, you just have to understand how it’s done and what needs to be done.

If you need help with starting an e-commerce business or,

you need help with optimizing the existing one

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