We can help you start or optimize existing Facebook Ads.
Unique media buying strategies
In-depth analysis 
Lots of ideas and testing 
The goal is to find what’s working for your account
How far can we scale your account?
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We can help you start or optimize existing Facebook Ads.

We will audit your Facebook Ads Manager account.

After understanding your account, product and customer, we will generate a few ideas and run some tests.

After running enough tests we will find some winning ad combinations to scale your e-commerce project.

After we have tested everything and found what’s working, we will scale your project with our tested and proven to work media buying strategies.

Our priority is to generate the most revenue with the least spending.

Work with atNight Agency

  • Industry-leading media buyers working as a team on your account
  • Always running split tests to find what motivates your audience to buy
  • Deep understanding of how the Facebook algorithm works and how users behave on this platform
  • Creatives strategy to grab attention and force to click
  • Full transparency with the client on what’s working or not
  • Full ownership and accountability - we like to take care of everything so that you can enjoy and relax working with us

We Can Help You With Starting or Optimizing The Existing Shopify Projects.

Our working process

Facebook ads are still one of the best platforms to scale your business and do it fast. We have developed our own media buying system and strategies which generates our client’s great results.

Strategize & Data Analysis
We study your product, brand, customer and data to identify existing problems.

Develop Creatives & Design Ads
We will generate ideas and make eye-catching and click baity creatives to drive the cheapest and most quality traffic to your store possible.

We always want to improve and do something better. Waking up and seeing great day results for our clients is our biggest motivation.

Campaign Optimization
We will test all media buying ideas and strategies to find out which specific strategy works the best for your ad account. The goal is to find how to spend less money and drive more quality traffic.

Our favourite part - let’s make you rich! After we have tested everything and found what’s working we will scale your project with tested and proven to work media buying strategies.


"We hired atNight agency as it was different from every other agency out there. Every agency we found couldn't offer a good deal or they didn't meet our expectations. atNight team was great to deal with. We contacted them, explained what type of business we are in what problems do we have. After a few days, they came with their research and ideas on what we can improve. They were so humble that they offered to start by small steps first. They fixed 1 problem for a fixed price to check how is the vibe working together. The vibe was great, they delivered quickly, after adjusting our website and changing creatives we saw a huge increase in sales. I would highly recommend the atNight team. I think they do a great job at what they do." - Michael J.